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    Who We Are

    What would become Rogue Radio Research began in 1995 when I put my completed Masters thesis on my website. As I did more research and got further involved with micro radio I have changed and expanded it. I have moved from simply a collection of my personal research to a broader indexing and information site geared towards providing material for research and education.

    Rogue Radio Research is housed on the Rogue Communication Domain. Rogue Communication is a small company my wife Stephanie and I run. We do some consulting and a little web design and are looking to experiment with an on-line magazine and travel page. Currently we use our web space to house our research and sites that are associated with professional organizations we belong to. To learn more about us specifically, read About Us. You can also follow the links in the column to your left to check out the domain directory or other Rogue sites.

    Rogue Radio Research is physically located in Santa Cruz, CA on the edge of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. We are about 90 minutes south of San Francisco and over "the hill" from Silicon Valley.

    About This Site

    This site was built on Apple computers, most recently a G-3. All these pages are hand-coded in HTML using either a word processor or simpletext. Check the links section under Web Construction to find out how easy it is to do it. We hand-code because we have found web editing software adds a lot of unnecessary code which makes pages load slower. Also, often the code of one web editor will not work the same on every browser. Writing your own code allows you to escape the proprietary trap that Microsoft and others lay to coerce you into using only their software. These pages should load fast and clean on any browser. We try to keep graphics and animation to a bare minimum. Our goal is a fast load on even an older machine with a slow connection. This is a content rich site and we designed it to allow the reader to get to that content with a minimum of fuss and eye strain. We do not use frames.

    This site is hosted by Cruzio, a local independent ISP. If I have a question, I can just drop by their office downtown. We encourage people to use a local independent ISP, rather than a big ISP like RNC. Support diverse internet culture. Support your local ISP.

    Rogue Communication does not have advertising on our domain and does not charge for space used by organizations housed here.

    So Why Rogue?

    The concept of the Rogue in Rogue Communication is actually based on the Rogue character class that is found in the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

    "The rogue can be found throughout the world, wherever people gather and money changes hands. While many rogues are motivated only by a desire to amass fortune in the easiest way possible, some rogues have noble aims; they use their skills to correct injustice [and] spread good will....There are two types of rogues: thieves and bards.

    "To accomplish [her/his] goals, for good or ill, the thief is a skillful pilferer. Cunning nimbleness, and stealth are [her/his] hallmarks. Whether she/he turns [his/her] talents against the innocent passers-by and wealthy merchants or oppressors and monsters is a choice for the thief to make.

    The bard is also a rogue, but [she/he] is very different from the thief...With...[his/her] wits [she/he] makes [his/her] way through the world. A bard is a...walking storehouse of gossip, tall tales, and lore. [She/he] learns a little bit about everything that crosses [his/her] path; [she/he] is jack of all trades and a master of none. While many bards are scoundrels, their stories and songs are welcome almost everywhere" (p.25).

    -Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook, 2nd. ed.

    Where we land in that I'll leave up to the reader. I will say that we believe in the activist scholar and getting "our hands dirty" on the street instead of thinking great thoughts in the Ivory Tower. We seek to have an impact with our work.

    I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. I am always open to suggestions, corrections, or comments. If you feel the urge, email me.