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    Research and Resources on
    Micro Radio/Low Power FM

    Rogue Radio Research Links

    Links are organized into the catagories below. Information wants to be free and roam around, so if you notice any bad links or you wish a submit a link, contact us.

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    >Up-dated August 3, 2002<

    General Low Power Radio and Related Organizations Legal Help and Information Get Political Broadcast Content Sites Media Studies and Alternative News Sources
    DIY/Technical Information Equipment General Resources and Places to get Cool Stuff
    Free Stuff You Should Have Website Construction Help
    newWebcasting and Digital Audio Broadcasting
    newIndustry Media Rags
    Major Index and Information Sites
    Micro Radio Stations

    Major Index and Information Sites
    These are good places to start.

    Central index and information hub of the activist/anarchist wing of the Micro Radio Movement. Operators of the MRN listserv.

    Free Radio Network(FRN)
    General Information site on short-wave and micro radio, links, chat and special features. Also the home of ACE (Association of Clandestine Enthusiasts) one of the primary publications for short-wave DX-ing and pirate radio.

    Bry's Pirate Radio Station
    Part of Bry's Ham Radio and Hockey Pages. Perhaps the biggest index site on short-wave, MW-AM and FM band "Free Radio." Exhaustive and exhausting. If your looking for a pirate URL, you will probably find it here.

    DIY Media.net.
    John Anderson used to run the About.com Guide to Pirate/Micro Radio before About.com became About.jerks and most of the guides jumped ship and sued. This site provides numerous links, articles, news, and analysis. Home of Enforcement Action Database. It is taking some time to build this site, so check back often.

    Media Pirates Network
    Up and coming index site. Some good resources.

    Chucko's Micro Power and Pirate Radio Kiosk
    General information, news, station listings.

    Pirate Radio Central
    Index site. Radio, Short-Wave, and Clandestines.

    Free Radio Links
    Yet another links page. Good technical and FAQ links.

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    General Low Power Radio and Related Organizations

    The Federal Communication Commission (FCC)
    Responsible for regulating broadcasting in the United States. The FCC site has been up-dated to allow easier access to information as well as making it possible for average people to comment on regulations and proceedings. For radio, the two relevant departments are:
    The Compliance and Information Bureau (CIB)
    CIB is the enforcement arm of the FCC. These are the people who will knock on your door. The FCC does not have sworn officers (read:armed) and do not have police powers.
    Mass Media Bureau(MMB)
    MMB regulates broadcasting. Home of the FCC's Low Power FM Radio Service page.

    National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
    The major force in American broadcasting. Opponents of LPFM. They are a scary bunch, but the site has some good information. Not to mention, it is always a good idea to know your enemy. Check out their LPFM/Pirate Section.

    The Microradio Empowerment Coalition
    "A coalition of microradio stations, community and civic groups, organizations, and individuals who are committed to working together to replace the FCC's ban on low-power broadcasting with a new regulatory setup that establishes a community based system of non-commercial microradio stations."

    Community Radio Coalition
    "The CRC is an ad-hoc group of concerned individuals from vastly varying personal backgrounds, who have come together out of a common belief in the value of locally-responsive broadcast radio and a common vision that unless something is done to alter the current trends in broadcasting, local broadcast radio may become just another chapter in the history books."
    Links and articles.

    Americans for Radio Diversity(ARD)
    "Building Better Radio for our Future." ARD provides chat, news, and information on getting involved with community radio.

    Low Power Radio Coalition
    "The Low Power Radio Coaltion focuses on the impact of low pwoer radio stations." Advocacy and information.

    National Association of Low Power Broadcasters (NALPB)
    General information geared towards eventual legalization. No pirate zone. Some good information.

    AMARC: World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
    "AMARC is an international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement. Its goal is to support and contribute to the development of community and participatory radio along the principals of solidarity and international cooperation."

    The Prometheus Project
    "The Prometheus Radio Project is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the democratization of the airwaves through the proliferation of non-commercial, community based, micropower stations." A good source of information and assistance in starting your own station.

    The Amherst Alliance
    "Based on THE AMHERST DECLARATION, a broadly phrased, inclusive Statement of Principles. The Declaration sets forth broad principles for achieving and guiding the re-legalization, and re-energization, of small radio stations -- as part of a broader movement to expand access to the airwaves by everyday Americans." Centrist (for LPFM people). Members are authors of MM 99-25, the petition requesting the FCC to create a LPFM service. Political and lobbying information.

    Industrial Workers of the World International Radio Network
    Those IWW folks are still at it (lucky for us). Articles and information on IWW radio and other activities.

    New York Free Media Alliance
    The New York Free Media Alliance is a regional coalition working to increase democracy and public space in local and national media. Their mission is to free their local mass media from domination by commercial, government and elite interests who censor or distort information vital to our communities.

    Radio 4 the Rest of Us
    A wide variety of information and editorial content on free radio and related subjects.

    The Low Power FM Website
    Presented by Rodger Skinner, Author of RM-9242 the LPFM Petition for Rulemaking. General Information.

    Low Power FM
    Bare bones information site on LPFM.

    Maintained by students at the University of California, San Diego. Anarchist and Revolutionary resources including LPFM information.

    "The most trusted name in radio."
    Industry Analysis and News.

    Broadcast Education Association (BEA)
    "The Broadcast Education Association is the professional association for professors, industry professionals and graduate students who are interested in teaching and research related to electronic media and multimedia enterprises."

    The Alliance for Community Media
    "The Alliance for Community Media is committed to ensuring access to electronic media for all people regardless of race, creed, political or religious beliefs, life circumstances or ability to pay. The Alliance works to inform the public about the importance of media access through peer professional training and community activist networking. The Alliance provides support for individuals and organizations involved in community media through its national and regional conferences, website and listservs, quarterly journal, member newsletters, publications, video tapes, legislative and legal assistance."

    Center for Media Literacy
    "Learn to use critical thinking skills in accessing, analyzing, evaluating and creating media."

    Christian Community FM
    Organizing and information site for Christian Low Power Radio.

    National Federation of Community Broadcasters
    Advocacy organization for community broadcasters.

    Community Radio USA
    "Community Radio USA is intended as a communication and information exchange between community broadcasters and supporters. This site is strictly intended for broadcasting as permitted by the FCC Rules and Regulations, 47 CFR."

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    Legal Help and Information

    The Committee on Democratic Communications of the National Lawyers Guild
    Legal documentation. Representing Stephen Dunifer in his case against the FCC. Major legal support and resource for LPFM.

    Media Access Project
    "The Media Access Project, a twenty-five year old public interest telecommunications law firm, meets these needs through its program of policy advocacy at the FCC and the Courts, advocacy in the media and other public fora, and day-to-day counseling of civic organizations and individuals."

    Franck Law Offices
    Peter Franck, Attorney @ Law, Intellectual Property, Cultural and Constitutional Rights. One of the lead attorneys on the Dunifer case.

    Low Power FM Law Service
    The law firm of Osborne & Craig, P.L.C. has formed a special team of lawyers to assist applicants for new low power FM (LPFM) channels. Legal stations only.

    The Constitution Society
    "The Constitution Society was founded in response to the growing concern that noncompliance with the U.S. Constitution and most state constitutions is creating a crisis of legitimacy that threatens freedom and civil rights. Although the focus here is on the United States, we plan to expand coverage to include the rest of the world. We maintain that the principles of constitutional republicanism are universal, and applicable to all nations, although not well understood or upheld by most. We also examine the related principles of federalism, and show how those principles are applicable to solving the fundamental problem of avoiding excessive or unbalanced concentrations of power."

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    Get Political

    American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) FOIA Act Information Page
    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows citizens to request government documentation. This is a helpful step in getting the information you need.

    Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
    FOIA help pages and sample letter.

    Contacting Congress
    A great site to help you find your Representatives, whose on what committee, and other important email, website, and snail mail addresses.

    Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet Source for information on current legislation in Congress as well as related information and links.

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    "The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been established to help civilize the electronic frontier; to make it truly useful and beneficial not just to a technical elite, but to everyone; and to do this in a way which is in keeping with our society's highest traditions of the free and open flow of information and communication. " Help them protect your cyber-rights.

    The Center for Democracy and Technology
    "The Center for Democracy and Technology works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. With expertise in law, technology, and policy, CDT seeks practical solutions to enhance free expression and privacy in global communications technologies. CDT is dedicated to building consensus among all parties interested in the future of the Internet and other new communications media."

    FCC Electronic Comments Filing System
    This system allows the public to comment and file opinions of any FCC action or rulemaking. You will need the RM Number or Docket Number, and the related bureau to file. You can send an email, type a message onto a form, or attach a file. The FCC will send you a confirmation number.

    The Ruckus Society
    "The Ruckus Society provides training in the skills of non-violent civil disobedience to help environmental and human rights organizations achieve their goals."

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    Broadcast Content Sites
    These sites provide recorded content that can be used for micro radio.

    Peoples Tribune Radio
    Sponsored by the League of Revolutionaries for a New America "People's Tribune Radio is the monthly half hour news magazine that brings the voices of the people to the airwaves." "PTR" is hosted by Mike Thornton with news from Nicole Trejo.

    Radio Free Conscience
    Begun in September 1996, Radio Free Conscience is a half-hour bi-weekly public affairs radio program exploring the growing world of grassroots and community-based media

    TUCC Radio (Time of Useful Consciousness)
    "Groundbreaking programs on a range of issues spanning the third world debt crisis, Wal-Mart, food distribution, biotechnology, NAFTA, more."

    Loud Radio
    Music content provider.

    A-Infos Radio Project
    From those folks at radio4all. Repository for shared free content mostly, but not limited to, anarchy and political activism. Visitors may up-load or down-load sound files.

    DAMN (Direct Action Media Network)
    The Direct Action Media Network (DAMN!) is a multi-media news service that covers direct actions that progressive organizations and individuals take to attain a peaceful, open and enlightened society.

    National Radio Club
    Uber-geeks of radio since 1933. A wide variety of information and old radio sounds and music.

    APB News
    Crime news and listen to police scanners in cities across the US! Twisted, yet fun.

    Free Speech Internet Television
    "Because the people know better." Source for audio as well as video. Constructed by people who wish to participate. An excellent resource for information and content.

    Alternative audio news source.

    Michael Parenti Audio Archive
    "Eight-minute audio commentaries taken from a radio series done by Michael Parenti, cover a wide range of topics including criminal justice system, corporate welfare and the two-party monopoly." Tape and RealAudio.

    Electroacoustic art.

    National Radio Project
    "The National Radio Project produces Making Contact, a 29-minute weekly program committed to investigative journalism and in-depth critical analysis which goes beyond the breaking news." All shows available.

    Information Subway
    "The Information Subway is a clearinghouse hub for independent media in the service of participatory self-government and democracy." Audio available.

    Labor Beat
    Labor Beat is the Chicago-based Committee for Labor Access, which develops and distributes progressive television, radio, videos, and internet communications on labor and social issues. (More than four hundred Labor Beat television programs and Labor Express radio programs have now been produced.) Audio available.

    Art Bell On-line!
    Host of Coast-to-Coast and Dreamland. Edge of edge programming. All programs available.

    The Freedom Channel.
    "FreedomChannel.com is a free, nonpartisan site that introduces video-on-demand into American politics. This site offers voters and the media the first-ever one-stop shop for the video (audio also available -ed..) views of candidates and issue groups." Note all material is provided by those groups.

    The Ocean Report
    "The Ocean Report highlights news and issues relating to the ocean, and offers suggestions on how you can help preserve our most vital natural resource." All programs available.

    Alternative Radio
    "Alternative Radio is a weekly one-hour public affairs program that is offered free to all public radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and on short-wave on Radio for Peace International. AR provides information, analyses and views that are ignored or distorted in most media."

    Great source of information, especially about the WTO. Available in multiple formats, including audio.

    IMC Radio Network
    This site is part of the Independent Media Center network. It contains lots of great content, including an audio newswire that allows downloading as well as uploading.

    "Culture, Music, and Politics for a new day." Broadcasting content from the folks at First Amendment Radio.

    History and Politics Out Loud
    HPOL is a searchable multimedia database documenting and delivering authoritative audio relevant to American history and politics.

    "SpeechBot is an experimental index of popular US radio shows, based on state-of-the-art speech recognition technology*. SpeechBot currently indexes 4353 hours of content from 4883 programs." Run by Compaq. Great research tool.

    "MicroRadio.Net provides LIVE streaming internet content for distribution by community, micro, and pirate radio broadcasters. This revolutionary step forward in real time media distribution brings independent media to isolated communities, allowing collaboration and free distribution." Black Ball Radio Seattle, 89.1 Combination free radio station, webcaster, and program distribition site.

    American Memory
    Part of the Library of Congress. Besides lots of cool historical source material and pictures, it has an incredible selection of audio files of real people (as opposed to just the famous), rare music of all genres, and lots more. Over 80 collections on file and counting. Access is free and you can search by topic, historical period, or subject.

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    Media Studies and Alternative News Sources

    Who Owns What
    Track media consolidation as reported by the Columbia Journalism Review. Informative. Depressing.

    A Brief History of 10-Watt Noncommercial Educational FM Radio Stations
    by Ralph E. Carmode, Department of Communication, Jacksonville State University

    Free Radio Assessment Project
    This is a cooperative project of Dr. Walter McDowell and Dr. Steven Dick of the Radio-Television Department at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. Survey of LPFM.

    Project Censored
    "The primary objective of Project Censored is to explore and publicize the extent of censorship in our society by locating stories about significant issues of which the public should be aware, but is not, for one reason or another." Based out of Sonoma State University, CA

    Communication Media and Cultural Studies
    Why get a MA in Media Studies when you can just go to this site? Everything, I mean EVERYTHING on media studies is here. This is an unparalleled resource. A little hard to navigate, but worth the effort for students, researchers or anyone interested in media theory. Easy to read, amusing. Cool graphics, extensive links.

    "A community of people concerned about social change." General information activist site. Good for real news and some audio. ZNET also contains the Noam Chomsky Archives. All Noam, all the time! Articles and information, including some audio.

    Radio World On-line
    Broadcasting News. Surprisingly rational reporting on issues in radio.

    Medium Wave Alliance
    "Medium Wave Alliance (established 1 October 1997) is a loose confederation of people who are interested in receiving or transmitting unorthodox signals on medium wave frequencies (and to a lesser extent, short-wave and long wave)." Home of the Ionospheric Messenger, a Medium Wave Alliance newsletter.

    Paper Tiger TV
    Media mavericks and producers of a TV program on media analysis.

    Media activists. Contains several interesting sites.

    Hobby Broadcasting
    Home of the Magazine "Hobby Broadcasting," put out by pirate radio legend Andrew Yoder.

    Multinational Monitor
    "The Multinational Monitor tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment." Alternative new source.

    Weekly News Up-date on the America's
    "The Weekly News Update on the Americas is a timely, concise news summary covering events throughout Latin American and the Caribbean."

    Covert Action Quarterly
    International/National alternative news source.

    The EarthFirst! Journal
    Radical environmental news and Information.

    Spunk Library
    "The Spunk Library collects and distributes literature in electronic format, with an emphasis on anarchism and related issues."

    The National Security Archive
    "The Archive is simultaneously a research institute on international affairs, a library and archive of declassified U.S. documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, a public interest law firm defending and expanding public access to government information through the FOIA, and an indexer and publisher of the documents in books, microfiche, and electronic formats."

    "Searchlight's aim is to combat racism, neo-nazism, fascism and all forms of prejudice. Searchlight is a non-sectarian organisation in political, ethnic and religious terms. It believes in achieving the broadest possible unity in the fight against racism, neo-nazism, fascism and prejudice." Searchlight has been a leader in the fight against fascism since 1962.

    Black Flag
    A magazine of anarchist and class struggle. "For a social system based on mutual aid and voluntary co-operation - against state control and all forms of government and economic repression. To establish a share in the general prosperity for all - the breaking down of racial, religious, national and sex barriers - and to fight for the life of one world."

    The Hacker Quarterly/2600 Magazine
    News on hacker issues as well as a "hacked sites" archive and "to do list." Fun and informative, not to mention subversive.

    Corporate Watch
    "Corporate Watch is a radical research and publishing group, based in Oxford, UK. It was set up in late 1996 to support activism against large corporations, particularly multinationals." A good way to keep up on creeping global corporate fascism.

    Bilderberg - The High Priests of Globalization
    This site is an outlet for research on hidden cultural and economic power and 'mind-control'. Wild enough it might be true. You be the judge.

    Project Underground
    "Project Underground exists as a vehicle for the environmental, human rights and indigenous rights movements to carry out focused campaigns against abusive extractive resource activity.

    Information Subway
    "The Information Subway is a clearinghouse hub for independent media in the service of participatory self-government and democracy."

    Wiccan/Pagan Times
    News and information about Wicca and Paganism as well as activist and social issues of interest and concern to these communities.

    Witches Voice Clearwater Florida
    The most extensive wiccan/pagan information site in the known universe.

    National Radio Project
    "The National Radio Project produces Making Contact, a 29-minute weekly program committed to investigative journalism and in-depth critical analysis which goes beyond the breaking news. Utilizing voices and perspectives rarely heard in media, Making Contact focuses on the human realities of politics, the connections between local and global events, and creative possibilities for people to engage in hopeful democratic change."

    Center for Defense Information
    "Founded in 1972 as an independent monitor of the military, the Center for Defense Information is a private, non governmental, research organization. Its directors and staff believe that strong social, economic, political, and military components and a healthy environment contribute equally to the nation's security."

    Institute for Public Accuracy
    "The Institute for Public Accuracy seeks to broaden public discourse by gaining media access for those whose perspectives are commonly drowned out by corporate-backed think tanks and other influential institutions."

    Labor Beat
    "Labor Beat is the Chicago-based Committee for Labor Access, which develops and distributes progressive television, radio, videos, and internet communications on labor and social issues. (More than four hundred Labor Beat television programs and Labor Express radio programs have now been produced.)"

    Common Dreams Newscenter
    "Breaking news & views for progressive-thinking Americans." Also a good source of progressive media links.

    World Wide Free Press
    "The World Wide Free Press is a reader-written publication. The World Wide Free Press reports on and encourages activities designed to increase social, cultural, economic and political rights and freedoms for everyone on this planet."

    The Drug Reform Coordination Network
    "DRCNET was founded in 1993 and has quickly grown into a national network of more than 10,000 activists and concerned citizens...working for drug policy reform from a variety of perspectives, including harm reduction, reform of sentencing and forfeiture laws, medicalization of currently schedule I drugs, and promotion of an open debate on drug prohibition."

    In These Times
    "In These Times is an independent political newsmagazine. Our purpose is to challenge the ideological conformity of the corporate media, and to make sense of the news bites and disembodied stories we are fed in the daily press and on television."

    "Independent news and information. Launched in November 1987 by the Independent Media Institute (IMI), AlterNet is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting and strengthening the independent press in an increasingly concentrated media landscape."

    Top 100 Corporate Criminals
    "The point of the list contained in this report, The Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the Decade -- is to focus public attention on a wave of corporate criminality that has swamped prosecutors offices around the country. This is the dark underside of the marketplace that is given little sustained attention and analysis by politicians and news outlets. To compile The Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the 1990s, we used the most narrow and conservative of definitions -- corporations that have pled guilty or no contest to crimes and have been criminally fined."

    Great source of information, especially about the WTO. Available in multiple formats.

    Reason Magazine
    A Libertarian magazine that is run by the Reason Foundation. Good solid research and reporting. Check out the Reason Micro Radio Page. Most of the articles are by Jesse Walker, a leading journalist/activist and Micro Radio expert.

    American Prospect Magazine
    The aim of The American Prospect is to contribute to a renewal of America's democratic traditions by presenting a practical and convincing vision of liberal philosophy, politics, and public life. We publish articles for the general reader that attempt to break through conventional understanding and creatively reframe public questions. Ours is not a magazine of complaint, of angry gestures, or of private irritations. It is a magazine of public ideas, firmly committed -- however unfashionably -- to a belief in public improvement. America can do much good, and it can do much better.

    Michael Moore.com
    More Moore, more of the time. Writing, actions, and antics of author, film maker, and producer Michael Moore.

    About Grassroots.com Grassroots.com is a non-partisan media and technologies company creating the Internet's premier political action destination - a website containing rich media and everyday communication-collaboration tools. Grassroots.com is an online community that will enable citizens and their representatives to effect positive, democratic change.

    Adbusters Magazine
    Culture jamming anti-corporate pro-democracy publication.

    Media Democracy Now
    Organizing site for the action against the NAB National Radio Convention in September 2000.

    The Smoking Gun
    "The Smoking Gun brings you exclusive documents -- cool, confidential, quirky -- that can't be found elsewhere on the Web. Using material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide, we guarantee everything here is 100% authentic. The Smoking Gun is a Pierre Salinger-free zone."

    The Bitter Pill
    Clearing house and analysis of Middle Eastern news.

    "PNN is a multi-media access project of POOR Magazine, dedicated to reframing the news, issues and solutions from low and no income communities, as well as providing society with a perspective usually not heard or seen within the mainstream media."

    A HREF="http://www.greenpress.org">The Green Press "Your environmental and social justice news source. "

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    DIY/Technical Information
    Practical and Technical Information.

    How to be a Radio Pirate
    Tells you...well, how to be a Radio Pirate. A wide variety of suggestions, tech info, and equipment reviews.

    Punks G. Hybrd DIY
    Tell you how to setup your own low-power radio station in 6 easy steps (hopefully you can skip #6).

    Low Power Broadcasting Development Center
    "A 'Realistic' Approach To Part-15 Compliance." Technical and other practical advice.

    Radio4all's Technical Primer on LPFM by Stephen Dunifer.

    Beginners Guide to Low Power Broadcasting
    An excellent straight forward guide and explanation of radio broadcasting.

    Anime Music Network
    How to run a pro-style LPFM station,
    Check out their great how to guide.

    2000 Flushes Pirate Radio Power
    How they did (do) it.

    Mighty's Pirate Radio Site
    "Idiot's guide" to starting a pirate radio station. All aspects practical and technical.

    I don't know, but lots of good technical information and links to odd places.

    Medium Wave Alliance
    "Medium Wave Alliance (established 1 October 1997) is a loose confederation of people who are interested in receiving or transmitting unorthodox signals on medium wave frequencies (and to a lesser extent, short-wave and longwave)." Good technical information, equipment, how to.

    Media Pirates Network
    Index site with several pages of technical information.

    Harry's Homebrew Homepage
    Tech information, How-to brew radio AND alcohol!

    National Radio Club
    Uber-geeks of radio since 1933. A wide variety of information and audio.

    Schematic Page.

    Phrack Zine Issue 48:Constructing an FM Bug.
    "An FM bug is like a tiny microphone that can transmit crystal clear audio to a near by Walkman/stereo etc."

    Sci. Electronics
    Trouble Shooting and Repair Guide and Resources.

    MIT Radio Station Locator
    Part of the MIT's WMBR Campus Radio Station site. Leave it to MIT to come up with this page. Critical information for LPFM stations shopping for an open frequency.

    Federal Communications Commission Compliance & Information Bureau FM Broadcast Station Self-Inspection Checklist
    Friendly advice from the FCC on operating your unlicensed radio station.

    AIR-Association of Independents in Radio
    "AIR creates opportunities for, and represents the interests of, audio producers across various media. AIR fosters the development of the producer community in the service of the open exchange of ideas." Good source for information of recording techniques.

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    Broadcast Wherehouse
    Good, cheap gear.

    Broadcaster Candy Store
    High quality broadcasting equipment by I.D. Brewer. Highly recommended by several sources.

    Free Radio Berkeley
    Micro tested tough. Transmitters and other gear.

    Decade Transmitters
    Canadian transmitter and broadcast equipment company.

    Mycal's 3-Meter Hacking Sources (UK)
    Simple page. Good list of equipment sources.

    Harmonic filters.

    Black Cat Systems.
    Radio Software for Macintosh and some related LPFM information.

    Mercenary Audio
    "This is not a problem." Old and new gear.

    Energy-Onix Broadcast Equipment Inc.
    Specializing in LPFM gear.

    "From microphone to antenna, from programming to engineering, from Full Power to Low Power FM, we are the ONLY service you'll ever need for small, independent (non-corporate group owned) broadcast stations."

    "The ultimate equipment source for professional, amateur and hobby broadcasters. We stock a wide range of AM (Medium Wave), FM and Shortwave (HF) together with VHF and UHF television transmitters and kits."

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    General Resources and Places to get Cool Stuff
    These are independent enterprises trying to change the world and pay the bills without being wage slaves. Support them!

    The Sticker Guy
    stickerguy.com is the place to get stickers made to promote anything, especially your station. They only deal with the little guy, so corporations need not apply. Highly recommended.

    Unamerican Activities
    "Quality rebellion at affordable prices." Stickers, T-shirts, propaganda, and stuff.

    AK Press
    Good subversive literature. Publishers of Seizing the Airwaves!

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    Free Stuff You Should Have

    Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) MIT Page
    For US and Canadian residents. "PGP or Pretty Good Privacy® is a powerful cryptographic software suite that enables people to securely exchange messages, and to secure files, disk volumes and network connections with both privacy and strong authentication."

    Conducting the Information Interview
    This is a module designed for the California State University Information Competence Workgroup. It is a mini-course in how to prepare for and conduct an interview. This information is critical for those who interview people for their stations. Save yourself a lot of time and pain by going here first.

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    Website Construction Help

    HTML Goodies
    Rogue Radio Research pages are hand-coded. This is where we learned it. DIY and avoid cross-platform conflicts and get fast loading pages. It's easy and you can learn for free over a weekend.

    Beyond Rogue Links Page
    This is the general links page for the Rogue Domain. Here you'll find many graphics and HTML links.

    "This information is provided here to attempt to satisfy the many questions that get asked about computer-security and activism, with the reminder that there will be no such thing as a 100% secure system until our world has been radically altered."

    Net Mechanic GIF Bot
    Net Mechanic GIF Bot. Free web-based optimizing of your images. Great for getting your images to load faster with little loss of image quality.

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    Webcasting and Digital Audio Broadcasting

    "GiveMeTalk! is the leading provider of easy-to-use, do-it-yourself talk radio services for Internet broadcasters and listeners. If you have a computer with an Internet connection, and you are passionate about a subject, you can be an Internet radio star. To listen, you need only a computer and Internet connection to find and listen to programs on any topic you can imagine ­ original programs you simply canąt find anywhere else! "

    Digital Disaster
    Digital audio broadcasting information and critique of the proposed DAB service.

    Black Ball Radio Seattle, 89.1 Combination free radio station, webcaster, and program distribition site.

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    Industry Media Rags

    Broadcasting & Cable Online Premier industry rag for corporate broadcasting.

    All Access Music Group
    "The radio and record industry's first online daily source of news, new music, artist info, radio programming tips, show prep, and radio links."

    New Radio Star
    "A constantly updated website and direct server with news events for owners, general managers, program directors, disc jockies, etc."

    Radio and Record
    "Radio & Records (R&R), The Industry's Newspaper provides the radio and recording industries with the very latest in news, sales, marketing innovations, and the most credible airplay data available in the radio industry."

    Small Market Radio Newsletter
    News and information geared to the dwindling number of small market radio stations.

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    Micro Radio Stations
    Being, has-been, wannabe, or all three. Websites and LPFM stations come and go with alarming frequency, but LPFM websites...forget it. If you find a dead link or want to add a live one, contact us. These are stations that have websites, not a list of all stations. It is the policy of Rogue Radio Research to only list stations the have a "public" face.

    Pirate Radio.com Station Listings
    Keeping up is hard to do, so you may want to check out John's site for stations I have missed.

    The Radio, 90.7 FM
    Spenard Pirate Radio Relay League, Spenard, AL

    REC Radio; North Tempe (AZ) Community Radio
    Responsible for producing critical technical studies in support of LPFM.

    Spurt Radio (Solar Powered Urban Radio Transmissions)
    Berkeley CA

    Free Radio Monterey
    Monterey, CA

    Free Radio Berkeley
    Ground zero for the Micro Radio Movement.
    Berkeley, CA

    Free/Freak Radio Santa Cruz (FRSC)
    Santa Cruz, CA

    Lake County Radio
    Lake County, CA

    San Francisco Liberation Radio (SLR)
    San Francisco, CA

    Radio Libre
    San Francisco, CA

    Ukiah, CA

    sKURV Radio
    CALTECH/Pasadena, CA

    Capitol Underground Radio
    Denver, CO

    Western CT

    Florida Low Power Radio Stations
    A long list of anything in Florida that puts out a low watt signal, AM, FM, and others.

    Free Radio Gainesville
    Gainsville, FL

    The WOMB
    Miami, FL


    Lutz Community Radio
    Lutz, FL
    Lonnie Kobres's station. He was the first person to do jail time for poor electromagnetic usage of the First Amendment.

    Tampa's Party Pirate 102.1
    Tampa FLA

    Dade City Community Radio
    Dade City, FL

    Black Liberation Radio
    Decatur, IL

    Terre Haute, IN

    WBET (The Beat 98.3 FM)
    Harrisburg, IL

    Free Radio Cedar Rapids
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    TNT-FM (Tantrum-FM)
    Bellevue, KY

    Monroe, LA

    Free Radio Maine

    Radio Free Allston
    Boston, MA

    Worcester, MA

    Free Radio Prison City
    Jackson, MI

    Radio Free Lenawee
    Starwcutter Station.
    Adrian, MI

    Free Living Radio 89.7 FM
    Howell, MI

    BEAT Radio
    Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

    Free Radio Vegas Las Vegas, NV

    New Mexico
    Rebel Radio
    Albuquerque, NM

    New York
    Steal This Radio
    Lower East Side, Manhatten, NYC

    The GRID
    Cleveland, OH

    Radio Free Cascadia
    Eugene, OR

    Columbia River Radio
    Portland, OR

    Radio Mutiny (WPPR -West Philly Pirate Radio)
    Philladelphia, PA

    WKJCE Radio
    Vowinkle, PA

    WLMD 88.7
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Rhode Island
    Free Radio Rhode Island

    Canyon Lake Radio 105.7 fm
    Canyon Lake, TX

    Micro Kind Radio
    San Marcos, TX

    Montrose Radio
    Houston, TX

    First Amendment Radio
    Houston, TX

    Free Radio Austin
    Austin, TX

    Radio 01
    Austin, TX

    Free Radio Memphis
    Memphis, TN

    Black Cat Radio
    Memphis, TN

    Radio Free Nashville
    Nashville, TN

    Radio Free Vermont
    Brattleborro, VT

    Radio Free Richmond
    Richmond, VA

    Free Seattle Radio
    Seattle, WA

    Black Ball Radio
    Seattle, WA

    F.U.C.C. 89.1
    Seattle, WA

    NLNR 109 FM
    Seattle, WA

    House 101.9
    Seattle, WA

    North Valley Radio
    Oroville, WA

    Free Radio Milwaukee/BOB-FM
    Milwaukee, WI



    Alcatraz/WW's free-speech community radio, 96.7 FM

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