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Micro Radio Art Gallery
Cool micro radio art and graphics-hacks from around the web.


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    Rogue Radio Research

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    Micro Radio/Low Power FM

    Rogue Radio Research is dedicated to the scholarly study of micro radio. This site contains original research on micro radio, general and specific guides, information, and annotated links to micro radio and related resources.

    Micro Radio Art Gallery

    Micro Radio has attracted many different types of people. Among these are artists and graphic designers. This page contains a variety of original art and graphics-hacks that I have found around the web. Often, these virtual art pieces are copied and used on numerous LPFM sites, so it can be difficult to tell where they originated. The works below are attributed to the sites that I ripped, um, "liberated" them from for educational purposes (of course). If you know who created these works, or want to add pieces, please contact us and let us know so we can give credit where credit is due.

    LPFM Stamp This Micro Radio "stamp" is making the rounds, but I first saw it on the Free Radio Vermont Website.

    NAB Sucks logo

    This graphics-hack is spreading fast, but again, I first saw it on the Free Radio Vermont Website. (Note: I had to tweek it to make it fit on this page.)

    modulating meter Cool radio effect from the Anime Music Network Website.

    radio ismy bomb guy Hand drawn art from the Free Radio Gainesville Website.